Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Guest Information

In your hotel guests usually come from various parts or locations of different countries and states. And you would prefer to collect all the necessary information of guests to be stored automatically in your software that you use.

Our frontWin –Hotel Management Software for windows really deliver you such benefit that you deserve properly. In this software we have added an option for Guest information here whatsoever information in concern with guests you insert that automatically be saved in its database. It’s definitely the most preferable and desirable facility.

However, in case of country, state and City you need to select all relevant information through master menu. But when you put all this information here it would be applied for all coming guests of the same country, state and city. This is really a base point where you gather information of location for convenient feeding of the data.

Similar process has been applied for Guest’s ID and Card information. As more you set up names of ID and Card will be shown to you while you would come to feed such option under this menu. This facility is given because you can make fast entries and access shortly. The major benefit of this is that once you completely filled the options through master menu later you find easier way to fill more information smoothly.

There is a special feature has been also included under this menu that is now you can browse ID card of your guest. It’s one of the essential requirements for all hotel managers for security points of view. As you browse the ID of Guest it surely brings the better option to identify the guest without any difficulties. 

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