Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Foreign Guest

In wake of terrorist threat and some other numerous reasons it is well considered that the guests who come from various location of the world may have their own terrific purposes or bad intention. And sometimes lots of guests who were alleged culprits in native place or country make hidden destination to stay in the hotel of distant place. In such circumstances such culprits try to cheat the hotel manager by not showing accurate information. This is really considerable point from security point of view.

By giving importance to security issue we have made an option in that you appropriately put down in its option known as Foreign Tourist Information. In it you fill all relevant information of the foreign guests later all such information has been stored in C-Form, it is a form needed to submit in nearby FRRO (Foreign Regional Registration Office) within 24 hours but in case of Pakistani guest it must be submitted within 12 hrs. only.

Indeed the option includes here makes responsible to hotel administrators in order to peaceful accommodation for the guest. 

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